The Path…

With this shoot I wanted to mirror the isolation of walking a certain path, searching for something that is missing in life and the difficulty that are faced. Sometimes the journey can be discouraging, but we fight on through the storms that would seek to move us from the path we are on.

The Path


Before the Storm

Last November, my family and I made the choice to move from our home of 10 years due to a lot of problems with the landlords that were not being resolved. We moved to a completely new area and pretty much started over. Then in April, I was laid off from the job I had held for 14 years and everything changed. Change never comes easy for me and it was a very stressful time. This was the first real shoot I’ve worked on since October last year. My daughter was kind enough to pose for me and patient enough while I worked to remember everything. I hope to start shooting more regularly.