The Path…

With this shoot I wanted to mirror the isolation of walking a certain path, searching for something that is missing in life and the difficulty that are faced. Sometimes the journey can be discouraging, but we fight on through the storms that would seek to move us from the path we are on.

The Path


Model Interview: Michelle



• How did you decide that you wanted to get into modeling?

I had a friend who is an independent designer who asked me to walk in her fashion show. We did a mini-shoot before the show, and I absolutely ate up every second! I sought out other ways to participate in fashion shows and photo shoots.

• How would you describe your modeling style?

I simply like to try new things! So long as it isn’t against my morals, I’ll give it my best shot!

• What is it about modeling that you find fun and rewarding?

We’re all more than a touch vain, myself not excluded. I like to see the work I can produce. At the same time, I fully believe in the art behind modeling. I like to help bring concepts to life!

• Do you have any advice for other aspiring models?

Study all art forms, not just magazines, as there are different types of modeling and all art forms can lend to the practice: paintings, sculptures, runway shows, catalogues, bill boards, abstract, modern, everyday life.
Put yourself out there, but be wary of moves that may not help your career!