Wherever Inspiration May Lay

Throughout the last few years, I have come across several artists whose work and philosophies inspired me and sent me in a direction I needed to go. Hopefully as you browse through their works, you will find the same motivation that I continue to get from them. Enjoy.

Straight 8 Photography – http://www.straight8photography.com
Straight 8 Photography has truly been an inspiration since coming across them last year. For starters, the work is awesome and the way they process images is fascinating. What really impressed me is how much fun their entire crew seems to have while working on their projects. At one point I became stuck in my work and could not figure out how to get to the next step towards the style I wanted to do. I sent an email to their Facebook page and Jason Swarr was kind enough to respond. He gave me the information and the push I needed to get to where I wanted to be, or at least a lot closer to it. Check out their website to see the complete awesomeness of their photography

La Esmeralda – http://modellaesmeralda.blogspot.de
There doesn’t seem to be a style that this very talented model cannot envelope and succeed at. Not only does she bring a classic and timeless beauty, but she injects the very essence of the concept into every project she has posted. Her work, as well as the work of those she collaborates with, are inspiring and will push models and photographers alike to strive to a new level.

Brooke Shaden – http://www.brookeshaden.com
Her outlook on life and photography is beyond inspiring. I first saw her on the “Framed” show and have been hooked ever since. The passion that she shows, not only for her image, but for those around her, is amazing. This is one artist who knows how to connect with those thoughts deep down inside and bring them out into haunting and beautiful pieces of work.

Jeremy Cowart – http://jeremycowart.com
Aside from being very personable and humble, Jeremy Cowart is one of the best photographers I have come across, but it doesn’t stop there. After the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, Mr. Cowart brought his skills to bear with the essay “Voices of Haiti”. He uses his art as a true humanitarian and should inspire all photographers to use their art in ways that matter.

Anisa Nin – http://anisanin.tumblr.com
An expert at bringing other worlds to life in haunting and beautiful ways. She definitely sees a world beyond that which we live in and knows how to show the rest of us. Her work is inspiring in its concepts and the finished imagery.

Mara D’Eleán – http://maradelean.deviantart.com
The images that are brought to life through this artist’s collaborations are nothing short of stunning. The concepts, the use of color, and the wonderfully creative people involved really set the images apart. She is truly an inspiration to those of us who delve into the fantasy and concept genres of our chosen art.

This is by far not a complete list of where my inspirations are found. Perhaps I will do another post soon with additional artists that have helped or inspired me in my creative journey.

Do you have a favorite artist that inspires the work you do? Use the comments to let us know and maybe we’ll discover new inspirations. Use the comments to post a link to your site and who knows where that next spark of creativity will come from.


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