Independent Models: Be Safe

Unfortunately, there are a lot of predators that use photography as a guise for their nefarious purposes. They sully the name of photography by preying on the inexperienced and sometimes experienced models. However, there are some things you can do to approach photo-shoots more safely.

1. ALWAYS verify any information given by the photographer. Ask for references from other models, MUAs, or anyone else they have worked with in a professional capacity.

2. Look at their work. If you are not comfortable with their style of shooting or the examples they show, then don’t do it. You can get your name out there without doing what you do not wish to do.

3. Take an escort to meetings and photo-shoots.

4. Use common sense. If something seems off or you just get a creepy feeling, then listen to it. Better to be wrong and be safe than to ignore it and end up in a horrible situation.

Photography and modeling should be fun, but in today’s world we all need to take the precautions. Be safe.


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