Words Hurt: Chasitystar

“A person’s word is sometimes nothing more than a weapon. A slip of the tongue sometimes as sharp as a sword can leave a person feeling weak, emotional, and powerless. Words such as cow, fat, disgusting, ugly, and many more cling to a person as if they had been painted with glue. These words act like a toxin, breaking down and slowly killing a person’s personality, emotions, and spirit. I myself have felt the sting of these harmful words far too many times. From friends, family, and strangers. Each time hurt worse than those before. The hurt built up and slowly broke me down. Emotions turned physical, tears became scars, and scars became stories. Those stories will be with me forever, a reminder every day of those harsh words cast from others.” – Chasitystar







Idea and director: Breezy Hunt

MUA & Writing:
Mary Anderson Armstrong
Beverly Cadue
Angie Hall

Model: Chasitystar

Photographer: Cross & Clove Photography


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