Words Hurt: Lynde

“This is my second pregnancy and even though I’m usually quite unphased by things people say to me. But pregnancy is an emotional time and frankly people get dumb when talking to pregnant women it seems. During my first I kept having people tell me I was to skinny to be pregnant. Even though to me and my family it was clearly baby bump, people who didn’t know me kept commenting on how their tummies were bigger. So frustrating and dishearting to a first time mom. And then and now, once I started really showing I showed big! Always getting asked if is twins or if my due date was closer than it is. It’s just the fact that you’re experiencing such a major body change it can be emotionally hard to deal with comments once in a while. It’s not exactly an easy change to have happen to your body no matter how happy and joyful the reason for it is. For me it can change day to day, person to person. For me this pregnancy, with the fact that I have a toddler already and that we’ve had a stressful year, it’s the you look tired or stressed comments that get to me. Trust me, it’s something I know. I’m exhausted and this has been a hard year and it shows and frankly I don’t need reminded.” – Lynde







Idea and director: Breezy Hunt

MUA & Writing:
Mary Anderson Armstrong
Beverly Cadue
Angie Hall

Model: Lynde

Photographer: Cross & Clove Photography


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