Through the Window

Since I was a young boy, I have always had a vision of a world that few others could see. There was always a place for heroes from ages of old slaying dragons and saving the kingdom as I played outside. As I grew older, the dragons became depression and anxiety, which were not as easily slain. The mighty heroes gave way to just trying to make it through the days and the kingdom shrunk and withered away. For so many years, the thoughts and dreams of another world and life were locked away. Then, as luck would have it, I started a journey into photography, and my camera became a way for me to see into the world I thought was lost years before.

It took several years of classes and learning before I felt confident enough to share my ideas with others. You see, I have an entire world inside my mind that I want to get out of my head and be able to physically see it. There were definitely challenges, such as understanding lighting, that hindered me on the journey, and I still don’t understand a lot of the lighting. I know enough to get the images I want so even if only for a short time, this wonderful world comes alive in front of me, and the camera is the window to do that.

Each image is meant to capture the strength, bravery, and beliefs that I believed in as a child. It was a fantasy world that could not truly exist in today’s world, but it can exist for a short span of time during the planning and the photo-session. The camera and lens open a small portal into a vision of many colorful and inspiring stories. Characters from mythology and fantasy can come alive for a brief moment. There is always a feeling of disappointment when the sessions are done because the end had to come. As does everything, it ended too soon, but there will always be a new story to tell. There will always be that secret world some of us yearn to be a part of. A world that is rife with heroes and devils, where a person’s character was defined to others by their valor and integrity.

My camera allows me to see into that world once in a while, and for a short time I can be a part of that.


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