Model Interview: Ari



• How did you decide that you wanted to get into modeling?

Modeling was actually an accidental passion for me. I originally stood on the other side of the camera, doing fashion design and hair/make up. My senior year of high school, our fashion design class was required to organize, design, promote, and walk in a runway show in front of the whole school, as well as recruiters from local agencies. After the show, I was approached by a representative for Hoffman International who simply wouldn’t take no for an answer. And from that moment on, I made modeling the focus of my fashion career.

• How would you describe your modeling style?

I REALLY despise this terminology, but I guess most would consider me an “alternative” model. However, I like to think I’m just “me”. I don’t think I really fit into a single specified category.

• What is it about modeling that you find fun and rewarding?

Modeling, for me, is a chance to escape the stress of day to day life. It’s a reason to get all dolled up, wear things you normally wouldn’t, and get lost in the moment. It’s like when you were a little girl playing dress up, only the photographic evidence isn’t something embarrassing that you hid in a box somewhere in hopes that it’d never resurface. It’s a confidence boost; something you can be proud of. And if you can use that to send a positive message or spark inspiration, than it’s just that much better.

• Do you have any advice for other aspiring models?

Screw mainstream media. You are beautiful, and you are REAL. Who says “fat” is synonymous with ugly? Or skinny with beauty? Be you. Be healthy. And NEVER let the fun slip away.

• Is there anything you would like to add?

I’d just like to say how SUPREMELY lucky I am to be a part of such an amazing group of men and women. I’ve never in my life met such strong, confident, KIND people as I have with Cross N Clove. Those I’ve been lucky enough to get to know, have only continued to surprise me. We’ve all been through some really tough things, but these models, designers, MUA/FX have overcome their pasts, harnessed their tribulations in their art, and managed to remain unhardened and optimistic. Seriously, best tog group ever!


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