Tanja Lippert – Photographer of the Week

Definitely a photographer to admire

Photofocus (old site)

TanjaLippertHaving been a model for ten years, she carries a talent and useful connection with her fashion and bridal subjects that many other photographers don’t necessarily possess.  When watching her shoot in person, she is animated, energetic, emotive and passionate which evokes beautiful emotions out of her portraits.  And through our ever changing industry, she’s been loyal to her analog process the entirety of her career.  Meet all-film fashion, commercial and wedding photographer, Tanja Lippert.   

Starting out in 2001 and residing in Bay Area, Tanja is a 100% film photographer.  When watching Tanja shoot in person, there is no doubt she has a passion and deep commitment to her craft.  She not only is a talent behind the camera but many of her brides and commercial shoots are styled by her as well.  Her creativity and world travel is usually filled with spontaneity and as she says it…

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