For Better Images, Follow the Light

Nature's Best :: Don Smith Photography

One of the earliest guiding principles I have adhered to over the years is “find the light.!”

Sounds simple enough, but every now and then I have to remind myself. I rarely go out with my camera thinking subject. I’m always chasing light. My “subject” becomes whatever is nearby once I find my light.

Galen Rowell talked often about this guiding principle. Wish I could say I made it up but definitely not the case; however, I do follow it everytime I am out with my camera.

This image that accompanies this blog was created on an afternoon where I was just driving around the beautiful countryside where I live and following the light.

It was late-afternoon and the green hills contrasted nicely with the storm clouds. I decided to drive to an area where there are lots of vineyards.

Shortly after arriving, these beautiful crepuscular rays started emanating from…

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