Words Hurt: Hilari

Part 3 of the “Words Hurt” photoshoot.
Idea and director: Breezy Hunt

MUA & Writing:
Mary Anderson Armstrong
Beverly Cadue
Angie Hall

Model: Hilari Holt

Photographer: Cross & Clove Photography

“Selfish; a word some may not see as hurtful, but when you consider yourself a caring, thoughtful, and nice person, it does sting. Sure someone may seem selfish at one point of time, but before you call them selfish because they didn’t give you, or forgot something for you, consider they just forgot. Mostly because that person have been giving & thinking of others too, and maybe by the time they’ve gotten to you their brain is just all amuck, and forgot, not on purpose, just simply forgot that one thing. Before you say, “oh you’re so selfish, how could you forget about me?” Think of what they’ve already done for you. There is a difference from being plain selfish (thinking completely of oneself) and simply forgetting or needing that one thing, you may have wanted too, to themselves, because that person has already given so much time to help others, and to help you, from the goodness of their heart just about every day. That is a person who deserves a break, some time for just them. Not because they are selfish, but because if they don’t and continue to give and spread themselves thin, they could crack or lose themselves if they do not retract to time for them every once and a while. But no worries that selfless person you called selfish, will still come around, perhaps not as much as before, but will at least be there for you if you are down.
Remember, before you say someone if SELFISH, think are they like that ALL the time or have they given SELFLESSLY so much, really they just NEED a break for only a moment.” – Hilari





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