I didn’t sleep with her…REALLY???

Thought this was an intriguing topic and wanted to share.

Culture Monk

2 no i didnt

by Kenneth Justice

~ “Kenneth, she wanted to go back to my room right there and get it on….but I told her no” he said

The last couple mornings here on the Caribbean in Costa Rica I’ve been getting coffee with this late 30ish divorced guy, “Kenneth, we simply got married too young and one thing led to another and we were both too deep over our heads” he told me when we first met. Now, two children later he is divorced, and finds himself in Costa Rica this week with a buddy of his who is getting married in two days here on the beach; my coffee acquaintance is the best man.

Last night he went to a bar and struck up a conversation with a 21 year college girl from the West Coast….she’s here for the weekend on some kind of college excursion and…

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