Words Hurt: The Beginning

In early December I did the photography on a project called “Words Hurt.” Starting today, I will be posting images from that project along with a message from the models that participated in that particular set. I will be posting one set every other week until completion.

The “Words Hurt” project was created and directed by Breezy Hunt, who asked me to photograph the ideas for her.

The writing on the models was done by:
Angie Hall
Mary Anderson Armstrong
Beverly Cadue

The first image is the opening to the project and features Breezy as the model. Below the image, you can read her words describing the inspiration for such a thoughtful project.

"Words Hurt"

“Words Hurt”

I’m sure you have been called something that has truly affected you in some way. For example I was called a “bad mother” which to this day still upsets me and still pops in my head ever day. This was a very hard shoot to watch happen and hard for my models. I’m hoping everyone will learn something from this and stop calling people names. Because it can truly do damage. Remember the next time you go to call someone something before you call someone a name, how you felt when someone called you a name. This world has become to mean, and we all need to stop or we will be our own end. If you have an issue with any of the photos then move on to the next one. Don’t leave negative on these photos bc they were very personal for each model, bc they picked the words on them. Each word on their chest also had personal power to them, thus the reason their last photos are strong and wiping away the hurtful part. They also included personal stories of words that hurt. So be kind and remember to be so. – Breezy Hunt


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